Working market in the United Kingdom

With Brexit upon us, many wonder how will it affect the job market within the United Kingdom. Documents haven’t been signed yet, therefore it is still pure speculations, however, we are able to provide some information about inevitable changes.

Working in the UK

The thing with coming out of the European Union is strictly connected with improving the economic situation of the UK itself. One of the complaints of UK’s society is that within the jobs that don’t require special skills nor education, it is really hard to find a job. It occurs because of the foreigners who are usually willing to receive less amount of money and working harder at the same time. There is a possibility of a slight change of procedures when it comes to employing workers from abroad. The government is considering the model from Australian market – the one with the employer making sure there is no fellow countryman available for the given vacancy. It usually makes it impossible for a foreigner to find a job in certain popular fields (such as in a¬†gastronomy or in the construction working). It will probably be much easier to find a job in more technical vacancies, like IT and medical jobs (if you want to read more about medical jobs in the UK, please visit¬† It still won’t be as easy as it has been before though.

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Changes for everyone?

What will happen to the people who already work in the UK? They will probably receive a special permit that will allow them to continue their work. It is still advisable though to try to get UK citizenship, as it is one and only way to be absolutely sure of not receiving any bad news when it comes to permission to stay.

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