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Flytvask Mesteren

The company offers high quality services of cleaning premises and support in relocation in Oslo. Flyttevask Mesteren guarantees ordered flats, offices and houses. The company uses decent equipment to care about every detail of your rooms. If

Why you should start windsurfing this season

Windsurfing is a great way to spend your free time – that’s why it’s popular between the people in different ages. Swimming on the board, powered by wind can provide unforgettable emotions. At the same time a

Mel B brings you closer to the goal!

15-minute the whole body workout During its course you burn a lot of calories and certainly you will loose all the toxins that arrears in your body. General training is an excellent idea for those who are

Windsurfing kit

Windsurfing can appear a pretty confusing sport at first, especially as there are so many different models of board on the market.

Top most popular sports

The UK’s favourite participatory sports

Top 10 most sociable sports

Sport is sociable and many of us get involved primarily for that reason. Solitary sports may be a good way of getting away from it all, but many of us are more likely to enjoy a sport