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Why teacher training is essential for the development of society and economy

In today’s rapidly changing world, education plays a crucial role in social and economic development. As the foundation of modern society, it requires continuous improvement, which directly translates into the need for ongoing professional development for teachers.

What to take to an academic conference? A checklist

An academic conference is a meeting where researchers can present their findings and discuss them with their peers. They may come in the form of small, local meetings, as well as global events. Some academic conferences focus

Working market in the United Kingdom

With Brexit upon us, many wonder how will it affect the job market within the United Kingdom. Documents haven’t been signed yet, therefore it is still pure speculations, however, we are able to provide some information about

Ambient bathroom lighting

Bathrooms are were most of us spend a lot of time at. Either it’s a quick morning shower, getting ready in front of the mirror or taking a relaxed bath in the evening, we need the room