Mel B brings you closer to the goal!

15-minute the whole body workout

During its course you burn a lot of calories and certainly you will loose all the toxins that arrears in your body. General training is an excellent idea for those who are just beginning their adventure with physical activity, or for those who want to lose weight.

Why Mel B?

Mel B, former member of the band Spice Girls, has been a long time doing the real inventory in the world of fitness. Not only that, she looks great, her ideas for exercises to help fulfill the dreams of women across the globe are really popular. Exercises with Mel B is a general training for the entire body. As a result, they are divided according to specific muscle groups, you can freely combine, intertwine and modified. For each batch coach spends approx. 10 minutes. That’s enough to achieve phenomenal results!

mel b training

10-minute workout buttocks

It’s the most popular from all the 10-minute workouts. For having a beautifully carved buttocks, you need a little work on them. Wondering why? This is because of the muscles that are responsible for lifting the ass and its firmness, they are quite large. In this workout trainer suggests exercises in both the supine and supporting himself on his elbows.

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