6 Reasons You Need To Visit Poland

1. The amazing castles.
Because of the rich history of this country you can find plenty of castles when you visit Poland. You can take tours through the castles and learn the whole history of those places. One of the most important is Malbork Castle which is the world’s largest castle, but there is also many more worth to see.
2. The food.
You probably already heard about incredible polish food but you just need to try it! For the breakfast a soft-boiled eggs is an good option and don’t forget to eat it with a soft and crunchy, natural polish bread. If you visit cracow, you should eat the cheapest and the most delicious baguette in the world called “zapiekanka”. Pierogi, żurek, gołąbki or schabowy gonna be perfect for your dinner. Just be careful and avoid all babcias (polish grannies), you probably explode because of the food.

3. The Wieliczka salt mine.
It’s one of the most popular tourist destination in Poland. It’s one of the oldest mines in the world which works since 13th century. You will find there an underground city, with incredible rooms, cathedrals, lakes and sculptures. It’s a piece of art. The legend says that you need to lick the salty wall, so you will get a luck!

4. Tour Auschwitz.
It’s definitely very emotional place and after a visit you probably gonna feel sad. But even, if it is very difficult to see you should go, it’s a very important element of our history that we never should repeat. You can book an organized tour which also includes a Salt Mine visit.
5. The cheap hotels.

If you have there friends or family, congratulations you will stay there for free! but if you don’t, no worries because the hotels are very cheap. You can book a bed in a group room even for 3 USD. If you want a single room, you will pay about 30 USD, so analogically all the 2 or 3 people room will be cheaper. The standard of the room is quite high and usually the hotels has a perfect location.
6. The national parks.
If you love the nature, you should know that this country has about 16 national parks. Forrests, lakes, sea and mountains – all of this you will find in this beautiful country.

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