Ambient bathroom lighting

Bathrooms are were most of us spend a lot of time at. Either it’s a quick morning shower, getting ready in front of the mirror or taking a relaxed bath in the evening, we need the room to be full of ambient, situation-appropriate light. If you wish to revamp your bathroom, we’re here to help you make the best of it with simple and modern, yet sophisticated lighting that will make it your favourite piece of the house.


Morning rush hour

Brushing your teeth, washing your face, putting makeup on – you’re going to need a good, bright mirror lighting to make it all look perfect. Our Shine collection is one to go for. White light, cool light and metal details make it one of the most simplistic yet stylish lighting options. Clean cuts and straight lines make the lamps fit any style, giving your bathroom modern and homely vibes you wished for.

Forget struggling to see anything in the mirror, leave all the badly put makeup faces behind and enjoy all the advantages of our shine lighting collection.

Design lighting

Evening wind-down

Coming home from work you’re probably tired, sore and a bit aggravated after all the time spent in traffic. All you wish for is fresh and hot tea, cosy blankets and no thinking about duties until the next morning. Here at sublimelighting, we’ve got you covered. Unwind in the best way possible by taking a long, relaxing bath in a cosy, dimmed bathroom. Our lighting options will help you make the room feel like your own at-home spa centre. Choose a warm light and simplistic design of our Bath collection, or fancy looking Aqua lights that will transfer your bathroom into a real retreat. All that’s left is some candles and a glass of wine and the evening is all yours to enjoy. No fuss, no drama, no bright lights.

Designing a bathroom takes more than choosing the right tiles and sinks and shower cabins. Considering how much time you spend there, it’s important to think about the lighting as well. Bathrooms often come with small windows or no sunlight at all. Picking up the best lamps and light warmth takes the room from dark and boring to lit up and interesting in no time. Treat yourself with some sublimelighting and feel how good it is to be proud of your bathroom. You deserve it.


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